List Of Airlines Who Have A Stop-Over Program

Here Is A List Of Airlines Who Have A Stop-Over Program, So You Can Turn Your Next Vacation Into A 2 For 1 Adventure.

List Of Airlines Who Have A Stop-Over Program

With everyday life costing more and more these days, travelers are looking for any way to save money on travel, and so we have put together a list of airlines who have a stop-over program.

What is an airline stop-over program?

Some airlines looking for ways to offer more than their competitors, offer the ability to turn your connection into another vacation destination for no additional flight cost. Better known as Stop-Over Programs.

Most airlines who offer this have all their international flights connect through 1 city, but not always. They allow you to add a certain number of days in the city where your flight connects, starting at 1 night all the way up to 10 nights for some carriers.

#1 rule? You must book directly with the airline and not on a 3rd party website who sells their fares.

Airlines With Stop-Over Programs

Here is a list of airlines stop-over programs that we know exist, and how many nights they allow you and also what city the stop-over program allows you to add to your travel plans.

So anytime you get an airfare alert from us with one of these carriers listed, you can turn it into a 2 for 1 deal. Below we have each airlines stop-over destination listed, and you can learn more about each one.

There may be more airlines with a stop-over program, but these are the ones we are familiar with and know many of our employees and members have taken advantage of.

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