What's A Travel Hack To Get Cheap Business Class Flights? Lufthansa Sleeper Row!

Traveling long haul flights can be miserable and Business Class lay-flats just aren't affordable for the average travel. So, if you are wondering what's a travel hack to get cheap business class flights, the answer is "The Poor Man's Business Class" aka Lufthansa Sleeper Row!

What's A Travel Hack To Get Cheap Business Class Flights? Lufthansa Sleeper Row!
The Poor Man's Lay-Flat Seating - Lufthansa Sleeper Row -

Business Class Lay-Flat Seats On A Budget

Travel Hack To Get Cheap Business Class Seats
Introducing Lufthansa Sleeper Row Fares

Who wouldn't love to get Cheap Business Class Lay-Flat Seats for long haul flights? If you have ever been on a 15-20 hour flight in economy, you know isn't no joke on how uncomfortable and outright miserable you can become. Lufthansa Sleeper Row to the rescue!

I place myself into this category where business lay-flat class fares is just not affordable, but Lufthansa has changed the game up and although there may be times when my feet are hanging two week over the end of the row, I will happily do it and with a smile on my face.

If you are tall, or feeling unwell long haul economy flights will test you to your limits and you might even be on the verge of a complete mental break down - me from Thailand to LAX 2018 when I was stuck in the last row in economy and if you have ever been in the last row on an aircraft that has the bathrooms directly behind the last row, you know just how close I was from entering an insane asylum.

Not only was I sick and having to deal with "The Aroma" of 200+ passengers who have been served 3 meals while on board, but I couldn't do anything but sit strait up!

It was so bad, and testing my sanity so much that it was to the point where I was about to beg the flight attendant to allow me to lay on the ground in the middle of the isle. However, due to this being a smaller ocean crossing trans pacific aircraft, there was only 1 isle instead of two, which means there would have been no way for anyone to walk around me to the bathroom and I doubt they would have let me regardless of how sick and miserable I was.

I have so much PTSD from that flight I remember the date lol. I don't remember any dates for any vacations but that one, and that return flight is the reason why! Scarred for life from it and will never do it again! Not to beat a dead horse, but I was so sick and uncomfortable I was checking my watch every 2-3 minutes thinking hours must have passed by, and my brain was playing trick on me in ways they made me feel truly insane.

If only Lufthansa's Sleeper Row had been available at that time, maybe this would of been avoided?

But what exactly is this so called Poor Man's Business Class anyways? Let's dive into it!

What is Lufthansa Sleeper Row?

What's A Travel Hack To Get Cheap Business Class Flights?
6' 3" Me And Loving It Over Sitting Strait Up For 15+ Hours

Lufthansa Sleeper Row in short allows pass us poor peasants to book an entire row of seats in economy class, and convert it into a bed-like arrangement similar to business class, but no where similar in price.

According to a press release from the airline, this offer comes with a comfortable pillow, blanket, and mattress topper of Business Class quality, allowing passengers to fully relax while on board before reaching their final destination.

Additionally, those who book the Sleeper Row also enjoy the benefit of boarding the plane before the rest of the economy class passengers.

This hasn't sat well with our your frequent flyer entitled critics however! The complaints about paying for a row to be able to lay down in, typically comes in one of two forms.

Either passengers are upset because they feel like Lufthansa is now charging for something that use to be free when a flight was not full, or that this will cause what would have been a more comfortable flight by having no one sitting beside you, to someone always sitting beside you, and there is some logic to that and it will probably be the case.

If a plane was say 75% full, there would have been many people who would have been able to do the following. Passengers booked and chose Row 30 Seats A & C, with no one booking seat B. However, many passengers who don't pay extra to choose their seat assignments will most certainly be getting moved around last minute and placed in seat B to complete that row so that all the passengers can be bunched together, allowing for as many possible "poor man's business class seats" as possible. The reason this is the case, is due to how and when you can book these seats, as it's not done at the time of the booking but rather shortly before take off as we will discuss more.

However, the only thing I can say to critics is that no one is stealing anything from them and if someone is willing to pay more money to be more comfortable on a long haul flight, it's great for that person and for the airline.

What's Lufthansa Sleeper Row Cost?

The cost of Lufthansa Sleeper Row varies depending on several factors such as the route, demand, and timing of the booking. Booking a Sleeper Row starts at about $190 and can increase to $272 (€159 -€229), depending on the route. This price range can fluctuate, so it’s advisable to check Lufthansa’s official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing. Despite the additional cost, many travelers find the investment worthwhile for the added comfort and convenience, especially on long-haul flights.

What Flights Have Lufthansa Sleeper Row?

Lufthansa Sleeper Row is available on select long-haul flights. Typically, these are routes that exceed a certain number of hours, often transatlantic or intercontinental flights, where the benefits of a Sleeper Row are most appreciated. Lufthansa aims to offer this service on flights where passengers are likely to desire extra rest, such as overnight flights or those crossing multiple time zones. There are three of these luxe seating arrangements on each flight.

How Do You Book Lufthansa Sleeper Row?

Booking a Lufthansa Sleeper Row is a straightforward process. Passengers can book this service during the online check-in process, usually starting 48 hours before the scheduled departure. Availability is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s advisable to act quickly if you’re interested in securing a Sleeper Row. Alternatively, travelers can inquire about availability and book the Sleeper Row at the airport check-in counter or through Lufthansa’s customer service hotline.

Is Lufthansa Sleeper Row Lay Flat Seating?

Lufthansa's Sleeper Row is lay flat seating, but one draw back is that passengers taller than six feet should be aware that they won't be able to sprawl all the way out. Seats aboard a Lufthansa 747 are only 17 inches wide, so even if you get four together, it will only measure about 5'6". This might be a consideration for taller individuals when deciding whether to book the Sleeper Row. In my opinion, as long as you aren't a very heavy person, you could simply lay in a fetal position; which is how some of us sleep anyways and it will be more than enough space.

$4000-$10,000 for a real business class seat VS. $200 for the poor man's business class? Lol, Lufthansa you are my new boo!

Lufthansa Sleeper Row offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience for long-haul travelers by transforming a row of economy seats into a flatbed. If you are one who really can't handle long haul flights in economy class but the bank account can't afford the normal cost of business class lay-flat seating, this could be a game changer for your comfort level on long international flights if you are able to master to art of booking Lufthansa fares that will have these options available.

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