Our Mission

Cheap Flights By Jetsetter Alerts

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite a spark within you, to awaken the dormant wanderlust that resides deep in your soul. We understand that life is not meant to be a monotonous cycle of work and obligations but a grand tapestry of extraordinary moments and meaningful connections.

With the aid of a powerful computer capable of scanning millions of flight combinations each day, we become your ultimate travel hack that makes financial barriers vanish!

We are your ally in the pursuit of affordable travel! We alert you to prices that are not supposed to exist (mistake fares) and tell you their location on the web and where they will take you in the world as well as flash sales that only last a few days.

Our goal is to liberate you in such a way that the planet becomes your personal playground, even if you find yourself on the tightest of travel budgets.

Round-trip airfare to Australia for $123, Santiago Chile for $63, $335 flights to Hawaii that include island hoppers for every island, or $188 round trip flights to Alaska? That is what we do every single day, searching for these deals just like these and when we hit send, it's the most amazing feeling.

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Making dreams become memories is what motivates us to find the next insane deal to share with you.

We help people we will never meet make the most important memories of their lives, all by simply sending them a nudge that says, "Did you see this amazing deal?"

We speak from personal experience when we say that this journey is life-changing. We, too, were once consumed by the pressures of everyday life, longing for something more.

We believe that we were placed on this earth not only to toil and survive but to experience the wonders of love and adventure.

It may sound mushy, and you may think that I am just trying to open your wallet, but we're talking about the price of a Starbucks Frappuccino in exchange for 40-95% savings on flights!

You would be right that we are after your wallet!

To get you deals so amazing your wallet can afford for you see the entire world as you've always wanted to, with those you love.

This is our mission, and we hope you will join us so we can help you with yours!