Jetsetter Alerts offers 3 membership tiers to help you turn your dream trips into memories.

Our Jetsetter Alerts memberships, both free and paid, allow you to customize your alerts so that you only receive notifications for flights departing from airports located within your chosen departure areas.

Airfare Alert Types

  • Flash Sales

These are heavily discounted sales offered by airline carriers, typically lasting 1-3 days depending on the percentage of savings. The higher the savings, the shorter the duration of these deals. We promptly alert our members to any flights meeting our criteria of being at least 40% cheaper than normal.

  • Airline Mistake Fare Alerts

Also known as error fares or price glitch fares, these are flights that typically offer savings greater than 75%.

The good news is that historically, 90% of mistake fares are honored. Here is an article that discusses United Airlines honoring "FREE FLIGHTS" to give peace of mind.
D’oh! United Airlines accidentally sells free plane tickets
For a little while on Thursday, United Airlines was giving away airplane tickets for free, or close to it.

Free Membership Plan

  • Customize Departure Areas
  • 2 Flash Sales Alerts Each Month
  • 2 Mistake Fare Alerts Each Year

Premium Membership Plans

Fun Fact: On average, booking just one of our alerts for two people will offset 8.3 years of membership cost. Average saving on an international booking for two people in 2023 was $843. Not bad for a membership that cost less than a combo meal at your favorite fast food chain. 😄

Gold - $6.95/Mo

  • 100% Of Our Flash Sales
  • Domestic Mistake Fares
  • International Mistake Fares
  • Hawaii & Alaska Alerts
  • Price Lock For Life

Platinum - $9.95/Mo

Everything In Gold +
  • Businss Class Alerts
  • 1st Class Alerts
Important: The Platinum Tier is designed for those who already fly Business/1st class. We all want to, but is it realistic for our budget? $7000 1st Class round trip flight to China may have you side eyed at us here at Jetsetter Alerts, not realizing those flights normally cost $10,000-$20,000 round trip. Yes, they're really that expensive. That's why we put this special note on this plan because we don't want you to feel mislead and only those who already fly 1st/Business class would know what a amazing deal those alerts are without having to look up what they normally cost. Platinum plans get all the alerts of the Gold Tier + Business & 1st Class alerts. If you choose this tier, always remember you can downgrade to the Gold Tier at anytime.