1 Cent Unlimited Flights? Frontier's GoWild Pass

Frontier Airline's New Go Wild Pass Allows Travelers To Book Unlimited Flights For As Low As $149 Per Month.

1 Cent Unlimited Flights?  Frontier's GoWild Pass

Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass: An Overview

Frontier Airlines, the Denver-based low-cost carrier, made waves last November when it unveiled its GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass. The concept was straightforward: Pass holders could book unlimited flights for a mere 1 cent (plus gov taxes and fees of $14.95).

Summer passes, valid from May 2 to Sept. 30, originally started at an enticing $399, which later increased to $499 until May 31. (After this date, the price reverted back to $999. However, it seems that each time a new season arrives they offer the upcoming seasons pass at a tremendous discount.

Right now you can get the fall/winter pass for $299 on their website, but also normally sells for $999. For the experiences traveler who travels with a backpack only, this is a dream come true but there are some things you should know that we will touch on in a moment. You can get the annual pass (365 days) for $1,999 but have been offered on sale in the past for as little as $599/year.

It seems Frontier is selling a certain number of passes at these discounted rates each year & season but the promo's are not advertised to start or end at any certain time and will just be pure luck if it will be on sale when you look.

However, the reason for this article is that they just announced a monthly pass that has a $49 enrollment, and a promotion of $0 for the 1st month and then automatically renews each month for $149. πŸ”₯


This to us is the best deal and is probably a promo price because the Annual Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass is $1,999 vs monthly offer of 12 months x $149 + $49 enrollment = $1,837 for 12 months excluding the 1st month free.

This must be truly a limited time offer as it states, because you can cancel any time prior to being billed for the next month and you aren't locked in to any contact.

The monthly GoWild pass pricing undermines their annual GoWild Pass, so we expect them to make changes to the price of either their montthly or annual GoWild Pass pricing.

If we had to guess they will raise the price of the monthly pass as you normally have to pay more for the added flexibility for anything in life and to be able to cancel anytime and not having to fork out $2k all at once?

So we're sure the monthly pass will increase in price but reading the terms and conditions makes clear that so long as you don't allow more than 30 days of non payment to go by your price and plan will not incur any changes from our interpretaion of the fine print which honestly is strait forward and the least amount of words we've ever seen for a program offered by a large company.

Most of the time the fine print has all these hidden "Got cha” moments hidden in it, but not with frontier. It shows a guinuine attempt to make the program as user friendly as possible within reason.

Annual passes, covering a calendar year start from May 2 each year.

The GoWild Pass is aimed to address a common airline challenge: the issue of flying numerous empty seats.

Unlimited Flight Passes

Unlimited flight passes are not a novel concept; they have been around for years. While these programs are inherently alluring, they have sometimes encountered challenges.

In the 1980s, American Airlines offered a select few the opportunity to purchase lifetime AAirpasses for over $250,000, but eventually had to retract some of them.

In 2009, JetBlue launched a more modest monthlong "All You Can Jet" pass for $599, which proved immensely popular, leading to a temporary suspension of sales.

Currently, Alaska Airlines' limited Flight Pass, introduced in February 2022, allows travelers to pay a flat rate for six, 12, or 24 trips per year within California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

When Frontier's GoWild Pass was announced, it sparked considerable intrigue, with some writers lauding the program as "brilliantly built" and "chaotic but potentially worth it." Naturally, people rushed online to scrutinize whether the deal was too good to be true.

GoWild Routes - Frontier Airlines Flight Routes

Frontier Airlines GoWild Flight Routes
Frontier Airlines Flight Routes

Frontier Airlines doesn't offer connecting flights for all their routes so one needs to understand the program and the terms and conditions for domestic and international travel in order to make sure the GoWild pass is right for them and the way they like to travel.

Currently, Frontier's prominent flight hubs include Denver (63 routes), Las Vegas (60 routes), Orlando (49 routes), and Atlanta (38 routes). So if you do not live close to one of these hubs, one will need to book multiple flights in order to get to their destination.

But the issues comes into play for the return flights as you can only confirm domestic flights 1 day before departure and 10 days before on international flights. This could be an issue for someone who is on a demanding schedule, but absolutely perfect for retirees and the adventurist backpackers who love this style of travel to begin with as they don't even typically know where they want to go until it's time to go.

The main pro of this is that normally last minute flights cost so much more than the fare normally would cost, but these passes circumvent that issue, as same day reservations are not only welcomed but almost a demand for their domestic travel rules with reservations only allowed 24 hours prior to departure.

We love the fact that international fares allow 10 days out however, due to visa and immigration issues that could come from waiting till the last minute.

Our Conclusion On Frontier's GoWild Pass

This is every expert traveler who is willing to sacrifice how quick you can get somewhere, and certainly every budget backpackers dream come true.

If you aren't sure if Frontiers GoWild Pass is right for you, there is no harm in anyone trying out their monthly pass as it's actually even cheaper than their annual pass at the time of this articles publishing.

We have no affiliation with Frontier, and have not been paid for this review. These are our own expert opinions based on what we have read and researched but we have not personally used their GoWildPass as of yet.

We will certainly update this article once we have had the opportunity.

Here is a youtube creators review of this offer and actual flight prices after gov taxes and fees + the comments section is a great place to learn if this is right for you or not. *The monthly pass was not an option when this video was created so keep that in mind.

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