Is Spirit Airlines Really That Bad? Here's The Answer!

Are you looking for a flight and came across a Spirit Airlines flight for half the price or more of the other airline carriers and asking yourself Is Spirit Airlines Really That Bad? Well, let's break it down for you.

Is Spirit Airlines Really That Bad? Here's The Answer!
Spirit Airlines often receives a barrage of negative reviews online and viral videos of physical and verbal fights both between passengers and passengers and Spirt Airlines flight attendants/gate agents. So is Spirit Airlines really that bad? Well, let's dive a little deeper to uncover the truth behind the carriers reputation and whether I would fly with the carrier.

We're going to cover cost and in flight experience pros and cons so you can decide for yourself....

Is Flying Spirit Airlines Really That Bad?

Let's Find Out!

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge?

As a budget carrier, Spirit Airlines can many times be 50-70% cheaper than premium carriers like United & Delta. Their business model is one in which they strip away every little thing other carriers give you for free and by doing so this is how they are able to sell their fares at the price point they do.

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It's safe to say Spirit Airlines will typically be a minimum of 50% cheaper than premium carriers for the same route.

Spirit Airlines Cost Comparison - Is Spirit Airlines Worth It?
As you can see, it's 50%-65% cheaper than premium carriers

In the above photo you can see that a Spirit Airlines flight from Chicago to St. Thomas is $279, American Airlines is $476, Delta is $543 and United is $600 for the exact same flight. This massive cost difference is the allure of Spirit Airlines.

How Can Spirit Airlines Charge So Much Less?

Spirit Airlines is notorious for charging for every little extra, including snacks and beverages. With no complimentary refreshments provided, passengers must be prepared to pay for any onboard indulgences.

Spirit does not have any complimentary in-flight entertainment, but on certain flights you will have the option to purchase internet when it works, and many times it doesn't work even after purchasing it.

However, if it works you can then stream your normal apps that you use on your phone as you would any other times, but they do not have new movies like other carriers.

Does Spirit Airlines Offer Business or First Class Seats?

Nope! Spirit Airlines simplifies fare classes with just two options: regular economy and "Big Front Seats," . That's literally their name 😆. The big front seats offer, you guessed it... more space, however they lack the luxury of first or business class amenities so we image that is why Spirit calls them "Big Front Seats" to save the anger of those passengers who upgraded to the "Big Front Seats" for as little as $12.

However, be warned that even these seats can be notably just as firm and my opinion only worth it if you are really tall, or really wide as they are no more soft than their cheaper counter parts.

Who Are Spirit Airlines Passengers?

Without intending offend, it's important to acknowledge that Spirit Airlines' affordability often attracts a younger crowd and those with varying socioeconomic statuses.

I will tread lightly here, but I feel it's important to cover it. I will use a few analogies to make my point.

  • If you are renting a motel 6 for $40 per night or the Hilton at $100+ per night, not only are the amenities going to be night and day, but your surroundings and environment is going to be drastically different as well.
  • If you live in a neighborhood that has an average rental price of $600-$800 vs another neighborhood 10 miles with the average rent costing $2000+, which neighborhood is going to have a higher crime rate or have more noise complaints.

I feel in today's climate you have to talk on eggshells but at Jetsetter Alerts we promise to always give it to you strait so that you can have the not just the most affordable vacations but also limit the negative unwanted surprises. Without saying anymore, I feel that will give you an understanding as to why there are so many viral videos of Spirit Airlines passengers engaging in physical and verbal altercations.

Is it physically safe to fly on Spirit Airlines?

Can you throw hands?

Huge Brawl On Spirit Airlines Flight

Really there is no other airline with endless viral videos on Social Media and YouTube of passengers acting out, but if you are one of those people who love to people watch....There is no other in-flight experience like it, and that's a promise.

Will I Personally Fly With Spirit Airlines? Yes, But....

Personal circumstances often dictate whether flying with Spirit is a viable option. For some, the potential savings outweigh the lack of amenities, especially on shorter flights.

For me personally I am not a small man at 6' 3" 205lbs, so I am not concerned for my physical safety and regardless if I am flying Spirit or a premium carriers, I always bring my own snacks and entertainment so that I don't have to spend a 300-500% markup on food and drink.

I just bring my empty water bottle and fill it up at the the water fountain and have a bag of chips and a sandwich or salad in my carryon.

For me to fly Spirit Airlines there has to be 2 criteria met!

  1. Does it save me at least $100 to fly Spirt Vs. a premium carrier?
    If yes, I move on to question 2. If not, yes on question 1...I am not flying regardless.
  2. Is this flight less than 2 hours in duration without any connections? If yes, to #1 and yes to #2......I am going to be flying Spirit Airlines but there are additional steps I take to keep my sanity.

How's Spirit Airlines In-Flight Experience?

Well, that's all going to depend on how many passengers are high on drugs!

Crack Cocaine Is Bad Kids

Many of us have kids, and many of us have had our kids act out when they were young. However, I will just say it! It's a living nightmare being trapped on a plane with screaming kids that are not your own, with parents that can't seem to get them to stop crying after a few minutes. Not my kid, because I would be too embarrassed and I would be ashamed to put everyone else through my child's misbehavior. Some will leave their baby in a diaper that needs changed and just shrug their shoulders like "What do you want me to do it's a baby", yes well there is a bathroom back there until you get it figured out.....But I digress!

Not a Spirit Flight, but you get the idea

My Solution? Make sure you always bring noise cancellation headphones and preferably the ones that go completely over your ears as ears buds are not going to save you if you have a few screaming kids within a distance of......JK! NO DISTANCE WIL SAVE YOU! Lol.


Also, be sure to bring your own entertainment so that you can drown out the kids who's parents just shrug their shoulders and felt it was ok to impeded on your sanity as if it was your punishment for trying to save money by choosing a budget carrier.

Naturally, due to cost there will be a higher % of children and just a simple Google Search of "Spirit Airlines and Kids" you will see endless future passengers on Reddit and other forums asking if the airline will seat you together, but their questions are met with endless replies from other future passengers telling them that if you are not willing to spend the $10 to make sure your children are beside you, don't you dare ask someone else to give you their seats once you board that plane. Yes, this is sadly real...

Ask yourself this.

"If they're not willing to spend $10 to make sure their children are seated beside them, will they really care what noise those children make?"

So is flying Spirit Airlines really that bad? It can be if you do not come prepared! If you come prepared with enough charge in your head phones + your own snacks + less than 2 hours duration....Yes, flying Spirit Airlines is worth it to save so much money.


  • money is nothing to you
  • you have anxiety
  • PTSD
  • you have limited patience

I definitely recommend spending the additional cost to go with a premium carrier. Just remember.. Noise Cancellation Headphones with plenty of charge! 🤣

But let's end on a positive...The pilots really want to get you to your destination on time.

And...If they lose your 6 year old, they will offer to pay for the gas when you drive to the airport the child ends up at and issue an apology for the inconvenience.

Unaccompanied 6-year-old child put on wrong Spirit Airlines flight | CNN
An unaccompanied 6-year-old child flying on Spirit Airlines to visit his grandmother in Fort Myers, Florida, was instead put on a flight to Orlando.

That's the end of our "Is Spirit Airlines Really That Bad?" Review.

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