Understanding Date Ranges & Multiple Airlines In Same Alert

Jetsetter Alerts MembersTutorial: Understanding date ranges and Google Flights Airline filters.

First let's discuss the date ranges

If it says Aug-Dec 2023 for the date range on an alert, that translates to = The alerted price can be found at least 1 or more dates in each of the following months. August, September, October, November and December.

Let's look at a recent example alert

Departure Airport - Pittsburg (PIT)

  • Destination: CABO (SJD)
  • Airline: American, United
  • Available Dates: AUG - DEC 2023
  • Price: $282
  • Savings: 57% Cheaper than normal
  • Booking Window: Should last 1-2 days
View On Google Flights

However, the alert includes 2 different airlines and upon clicking to view on Google Flights, you would see the following. For this particular alert.

Shown at the time of this publishing after clicking "View On Google Flights” 

As you can see, it shows American Airlines at the alerted price but United Airlines is showing $334.

Did we make a mistake? No.

This is where this tutorial shines and will help you better understand. We just provide the alert destination, the departure airport, the date range and the airlines available at the alerted price.

So when you click "View On Google Flights" we always provide a link for you to easily pull up the alerted price. And the photo above is what you would see upon viewing this alert on Google Flights.

However, both of these airlines are on sale at the alerted price. But NOT ALWAYS are the airlines mentioned on sale on the exact same departure and return dates even if they are still on sale within the same date range.

When you click the dates to look at the rate/price calendar on Google Flights it just shows you this.

Google Flights Rate Calendar View
Google Flights Calendar Fares View

A view of the cheapest price for each day for of each month, up to 1 year out. But these prices are based on any filters IF ANY you have selected.

Max Number of Stops, Airlines (or Airline Alliance) Max/Min Layover time etc.

Because when clicking the calendar and prices of $282, you might just land on more AA flights because Google's Calendar is always going to show you the cheapest price and we alerted this to be the cheapest price for both AA & UA, but how do I find the dates that United has fares at $282 or American at $282 if I prefer 1 over the other?

Here is the solution, we are going to select "United Only"

Screen shot of google flights search result using airline filter
Select airline you prefer in filters - now prices shown in rate calendar are for chosen airline only

Now when we click on the Calendar, all the prices seen will be for the selected airline only.

Google Flights Rate Calendar View
Google Flights Rate Calendar View

We clicked Aug 19th depart and return on the 26th and we get the following results.

Google flights search results

There are the United Fares at the alerted price.

So in short, if more than one airline is mentioned in the alert and you have a preference, use the filter to tell Google to only show you prices for that airline.

Then after you have done so and you click the departure date again to pull up the rate calendar, all the prices shown will be for the airline or airlines if more than 1 that you selected in the filter.

In this alert, United only has fares on sale for a some of the alerted dates vs. all of them, so to find the dates they have those fares we will select "United Airlines Only" in the filters.

When reading our alerts, always read the as so.

  1. Price
  2. Date Rage (means price can be found in this date range
  3. Airlines Mentioned (Airlines available, that have at least a few or many dates available within the date range at the alerted price)
Very Important: If you select your airline preference and the price skyrockets, just add back in the other airlines and you will see the price go back. We discovered this price manipulation that's going on with airlines when you remove their competitors on Google Flights. It's as if they are trying to charge you more sometimes because they know you aren't viewing competitors prices. So again, if prices go up dramatically after using the airline filter, just switch it back and the prices will return to alerted prices.

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