Understanding Referral Rewards

Jetsetter Alerts Referral Rewards Information

Referral rewards is so easy and the rewards are great!

Let's start with the basic rewards 1st. You can earn Gold and Platinum memberships for a certain duration based on people signing up under your unique link.


3 Referrals = 1 month Gold Membership
10 Referrals = 6 months Gold Membership
15 Referrals = 1 Year Gold Membership
60 Referrals = 1 Year Platinum Membership
150 Referrals = Free Platinum Membership For Life

Referral Guidance

  1. Free sign-ups are worth just as much as a premium sign-up. We do this because we truly want people to hit milestones and make it fun.
  2. Who doesn't like to travel? Share your link with anyone who knows you and it's pretty much a guaranteed signup since no payment is needed.
  3. Due to there being no time limit on our referral program, you can reach a VIP Membership which lasts a lifetime by simply sharing your referral code anytime travel is brought up with friends, family or co workers in person, on the phone and online.

Referral Tip

Take 1 minute and paste your unique referral link in your phone and computers note pad for quick access so you can easily share it with friends anytime travel is mentioned. This is the key to reaching the top milestone, as the likely hood of you taking the time to go and look up your referral link each time is slim, but if it's already easy to access, it's that easy to share.

Tracking Your Referrals

Your referrals are tracked for you in the referral dashboard. Just visit there after sharing your link and you will see your new referrals instantly.

Each time you hit a milestone, you will receive an email.


Jetsetter Club VIP Membership
VIP Membership - Our Highest Tier That At This Time Can Only Be Earned.

Let Us Help You Reach Milestones

Referral Help
Here are tips and tricks to earning referral for Jetsetter Alerts


Referral Rewards Policies & Rules Against Manipulation

Referral Restrictions & Notices
Because free member sign ups count as qualified referrals, any referrals that signed up under the same IP address (Internet Connection), or the same device are only counted once. We wish we didn’t have to do that but it is the only way to prevent a few bad apples from