Referral Restrictions & Notices

Dear Members,

We appreciate your engagement with our referral program and would like to clarify a crucial aspect to ensure its smooth operation.

To maintain the integrity of our system, please note that free member sign-ups as qualified referrals are counted only once per IP address or device. This precaution is necessary to prevent potential misuse, such as the creation of multiple email addresses, which could compromise our data.

If friends or family are signing up from your location, kindly advise them to use their own device and cellular connection to avoid IP duplication. This ensures you receive due credit for each honest referral.

Upon signing up through your link, individuals will promptly receive a welcome email within approximately 10 minutes. Subsequently, they can access the site and select their departure areas, mirroring the experience you had.

We encourage you to inform your network about the referral program's dynamics to facilitate their earning of free premium access. To safeguard the credibility of our members' referral efforts and maintain a 100% email deliverability rate, any misuse or creation of fake referrals will result in immediate account suspension.

Our stringent measures aim to prevent potential spam-related issues with email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, etc. Maintaining a high "Sender Reputation" is crucial to ensuring our members receive timely alerts without disruptions.

Rest assured, our advanced technology can differentiate between genuine and fabricated email addresses. Feel free to share your referral links confidently, knowing that your efforts contribute to the success of our community.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Happy Travels,
Jetsetter Alerts Team