Referral Help

Tips and tricks to start earning referral asap.

Referral Earning Avenues

Below, we give you ideas on how to earn referrals and have given you a cheat sheet that you can copy and paste to start earning referrals today!

  1. Social Media: Leverage the vast reach of Facebook and its Groups to share your referral link discreetly. With thousands of potential members, it's an ideal platform for travel enthusiasts seeking tips and hacks. Genuine engagement is key, avoiding spammy practices while benefiting from the credibility of your shared content.
  2. Email Contacts List: Reach out to your personal network via email, explaining our services and openly sharing your referral link. Authenticity resonates, leading to a significant sign-up rate exceeding 50% when reaching out to acquaintances who value your recommendation.
  3. Family & Friends: Keep your referral link accessible, utilizing casual conversations about travel to text the link to family and friends. This simple, direct approach often results in a considerable number of referrals.
  4. Workplace Advocacy: Extend the strategy to your workplace, sharing your link with colleagues during relevant discussions. This direct engagement within your professional network can yield promising results.
  5. Social Media Comments: Seize opportunities in online discussions where individuals seek travel-saving advice. Comment genuinely and share your referral link when appropriate, providing a valuable solution to those actively seeking it.

Social Media Post Ideas

Include your referral link on any social media with any of the messages below. Be sure your post public and not private, so that your friends can re-share your post and it will massively increase the number of people who is it that aren't followers/friends of yours.

Also, by using common travel hashtags in your post, the algorithm will place your post in the right places so that people who are already searching for travel related topics will see it.

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Email Copy Idea

*Send emails only to acquaintances to avoid being labeled as a spammer.

Hey Friend,

Hope you're well! I recently came across something interesting and thought of sharing it with you. Have you heard of airline mistake fares or error fares? They're essentially flight deals that happen when airlines accidentally price their tickets incorrectly and it can lead to flight prices that are insanely cheap.

There is a chance airlines may not honor them, but historically it appears approx. 90% of these fares that are booked are honored. You just always want to wait 24 hours before booking any additional non-refundable travel related to the trip to ensure they honor it.

If they're not going to honor it, they will always reach out within 24 hours and either allow you to pay the difference or refund what you paid.

Jetsetter Alerts sends out these types of alerts, as well as flash sales which are intentional deals that are 40%-70% off, but these sales only last 1-3 days.

Happy Travels,
"Insert Your Name"