Flights To Ibiza + Madrid - $500's Total For Both🔥🔥🔥

Cheap Flights To Ibiza Spain + Madrid Spain With Iberia Airlines Stop-Over Program.

Flights To Ibiza + Madrid - $500's Total For Both🔥🔥🔥
Departure Airports
Miami (MIA)

Amazing fares to the infamous island paradise of Ibiza Spain, with travel dates of In August available which is unheard of at this price! There are tons of dates available but if it's me, I am grabbing August no questions asked!

August to Ibiza is never on sale, but if you want to make this deal even crazier, you can add 1-6 nights in Madrid to this deal for no additional flight cost! Read below the alert to learn more.

From: - Miami (MIA)

  • Destination: Ibiza (IBZ)
  • Airline: Iberia, American
  • Available Dates: JAN - APR 2024; AUG-NOV 2024
  • Price: $503-$534
  • Savings: 50%
  • Price may last 48 hours
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Ibiza + Add Madrid For $0 Extra

*When you book with Iberia Airlines and take advantage of their stop-over program which allows you to turn your connection in Madrid Spain into a 2nd destination for no additional cost. You can certainly connect directly on to Ibiza as you normally would, if you aren't interested in adding Madrid to your trip.

Iberia Airline's Stop Over Program allows you to add between 1-6 nights (Your choice) in Madrid Spain for no additional cost. Since that's where you connection is why not turn this into the best deal EVER! These flights to Ibiza in August are already 50% cheaper than they normally cost for those date + add in Madrid? Incredible deal!

$534 for Madrid + a week in Ibiza? YES PLEASE! Learn more about stop-over programs below.

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