Best Places To Stay In Rio de Janeiro Based On Your Budget

This short guide is to help you find the best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro based on your budget. If it's luxury, affordable or budget, we have selected the best locations to have the best vacation regardless of the number of digits in your bank account.

Best Places To Stay In Rio de Janeiro Based On Your Budget

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a vibrant city known for its stunning landscapes, iconic beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Let's explore the best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro based on your budget so that you can make your stay as memorable as the city itself.

Below we have given you the 3 best places to stay in 3 different budget categories: Luxury, Affordable, Budget Friendly. As we always say, regardless of your budget

Where should you stay in Rio de Janeiro?

It's most important to remember it's the adventures and memories we collect and experience with those we love that really matters. You aren't going to have fancy shampoo or room service so burned into your soul and engrained into your memory when you're in the final years of your life.

It's your primal genetic instincts as a human to explore this place we call home and the places and adventures you embarked on that you will remember.

So regardless of your budget, let's find you a place to stay to have an epic adventure in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio offers a variety of accommodations like every place on this planet, from the luxurious palaces that line the oceanfront to cozy hideaways that offer a retreat from the city bustle at a much more affordable price, but we selected the accommodations below with location being the most important box that has to be checked. So which ever property you choose, you are going to be laying your head in a prime location to easily access and explore all that there is to see without wasting hours in transportation. You can get explore each accommodation more by tapping the blue button below each property.

Top Luxury Places to Stay in Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Palace, A Belmond Hotel

Best Places To Stay In Rio de Janeiro - Belmond Copacabana Palace

The iconic 5 star Belmond Copacabana Palace is synonymous with luxury and sophistication and is our #1 choice for top luxury places to stay in Rio if price doesn't matter. Overlooking the famous Copacabana Beach, this hotel offers opulent suites, a world-class spa, and gourmet dining options including the Michelin-starred Mee Restaurant.

The stately architecture and grand interiors are complemented by impeccable service. Each room offers breathtaking views and lavish amenities designed for ultimate comfort and indulgence for those who want to be pampered while on vacation.

  • Amenities: Private beach access, spa, fitness center, pool.
  • Location: Adjacent to Copacabana beach, with easy access to local dining and nightlife.
  • Dining: Multiple on-site restaurants including a Michelin-starred option.

Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

Best Places To Stay In Rio de Janeiro - Fairmont Rio de Janeiro

Located right at the Copacabana Beach, The Fairmont Rio de Janeiro making our #2 spot on luxury places to stay. The Fairmont offers stunning ocean views, elegantly furnished rooms, and top-notch facilities. Its strategic location allows for easy exploration of Rio’s cultural and natural attractions. The hotel boasts ocean front infinity swimming pools, a world class spa, and a selection of bars and fine dining at Michelin-starred Marine Restô.

  • Amenities: Spa, fitness center, pools.
  • Location: Beachfront near Ipanema and major Rio attractions.
  • Dining: Seafood and local Brazilian cuisine.

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro

Best Places to stay in Rio de Janeiro - Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro

Designed by Philippe Starck, Hotel Fasano brings modern elegance to the beachfront of Ipanema. Known for its sophisticated atmosphere and discreet service, the hotel features a rooftop pool with one of the city’s best panoramic ocean views. Rooms are luxuriously appointed, and the hotel is a favorite among celebrities visiting Rio.

  • Amenities: Rooftop pool, wellness spa, private beach access.
  • Location: Ipanema Beach, close to luxury shopping and Rio nightlife.
  • Dining: Italian cuisine by renowned chefs.

Best Affordable Places to Stay in Rio de Janeiro

PortoBay Rio Internacional Hotel

best affordable places to stay in Rio de Janeiro - PortoBay Rio Internacional Hotel

Offering a fantastic view of the Sugarloaf Mountain and Copacabana Beach, PortoBay provides a comfortable stay with excellent services. Guests can enjoy a rooftop pool, fitness center, and a beach service and a free buffet breakfast every morning.

  • Amenities: Rooftop pool, gym, beach service.
  • Location: Central to Copacabana, close to public transport links.
  • Dining: Local and international dishes + free breakfast buffet.

Arena Copacabana Hotel

best affordable places to stay in Rio de Janeiro - Arena Copacabana Hotel

Situated in the heart of Copacabana, this hotel offers modern amenities at a reasonable price. Enjoy the beachfront view and easy access to the area's best shopping and nightlife.

  • Amenities: Rooftop pool, sauna, fitness center.
  • Location: Direct access to Copacabana Beach.
  • Dining: Brazilian buffet breakfast included.

Miramar Hotel by Windsor

Best affordable places to stay in Rio de Janeiro - Miramar Hotel by Windsor

This hotel provides a blend of affordability and luxury with stunning views over Copacabana Beach. It features a granite pool and a rooftop terrace that offers panoramic views of Rio.

  • Amenities: Pool, fitness center, rooftop terrace.
  • Location: Steps from Copacabana Beach, near nightlife and dining.
  • Dining: Complimentary breakfast with Brazilian specialties.

Budget Friendly Places to Stay in Rio de Janeiro

El Misti Hostel Copacabana

Best budget places to stay in Rio de Janeiro - El Misti Hostel Copacabana

El Misti Hostel offers a friendly, youthful vibe with both shared and private rooms, making it perfect for budget travelers. Enjoy the communal kitchen and the lively bar scene. We have selected this hostel based on location and guest reviews and it's our #1 pick for best budget places to stay in Rio de Janeiro that has an 8.9/10 on their guest rating.

  • Amenities: Communal kitchen, social events, bar.
  • Rooms: You can get private rooms or shared rooms.
  • Location: Close to Copacabana Beach and nightlife.
  • Dining: Nearby local eateries and bars.

Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema

Best budget places to stay in Rio de Janeiro - Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema

Just 1 block from Ipanema Beach, Che Lagarto offers economical dormitory-style accommodations with vibrant social spaces that are perfect for meeting other travelers and is basically what's called a youth hostel aka bar hop and party all night with your new friends you meet at the property.

  • Amenities: Shared kitchen, lounge areas, party events.
  • Rooms: You can get private rooms or shared rooms.
  • Location: Ipanema Beach proximity, surrounded by shops and cafes.
  • Dining: Options for communal cooking and local dining.

Regardless of where your budget falls, there is a perfect place for every pocketbook in Rio de Janeiro. Each accommodation option offers a unique way to experience the vibrant culture and breathtaking beauty of this city. Remember, these choices are not only about a place to stay but a launching pad for your adventures in Rio. So pack your bags, embrace the samba spirit, and prepare for an incredible Brazilian holiday. Enjoy your stay at these top-rated locales, each providing proximity to the best of what Rio has to offer!

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