When Should I Book My Flight?

The best time to book your flight is the moment the alert comes!

If the deal is NOT labeled "Mistake Fare" you will see that it normally says "2 to 3 days to book this fare" however the price can change at anytime.

This question is always asked "How can I take advantage of these deals if I don't even know if I can get off of work or know if those I am booking for will be able to travel on those dates?" Simple!

The 24hr Cancellation Policy

You can cancel any flight booked within 24 hours of the time you booked for a 100% no questions asked refund so long as the flight you booked is more than 7 days out. This is a law passed by congress for any airline carrier regardless of where the carrier is based out of if they want to be able to sell flights that depart from or arrive to any US State or Territory.

Use and abuse this policy every time a deal comes that you Might" want to take advantage of, and then you have 24 hours to get your ducks in a row. If you can't make it work you simply cancel for a full refund and rinse and repeat this process. Prices like the deals we find do not last long. 1-3 days for flash sales and mistake fares can last a few hours but rarely do they every make it a full 24 hours.

If you want to become a real travel hacking guru who sees the world for a fraction of the price you pair this "24 Hour Cancel Rule" + "Our Cheap Flight Alerts" to lock in insane deals while they are available instead of waiting to confirm your travel plans and then the prices having returned to their normal price.
You can read more about this on the Governments website here.

Pro Travel Planning Steps

  1. Make a bucket list of all the places that are high on your list.
  2. Make a list of places that if the price to go there was less than $400, you could see yourself going there but aren't interested enough to pay the normal price to go there.
  3. When an alert comes for a place on your list, BOOK IT! Don't wait! BOOK IT! Now you have 24 hours to figure out if it's going to work and if it doesn't cancel it and if it does, guess what? You didn't return to book it after confirming only for the price to have skyrocketed by waiting.

It's just rewiring your brain in how you go about planning your vacations. You're still in charge of where you go and when you go, but when you go and where you go is now 100% based upon 1. It being on your bucket list + 2. The destinations was a fraction of the normal price.

Expert Tip:

Once you are comfortable with this new travel planning process to get cheap flights, you can take your game to the next level by booking 3-4 dates for you and who ever is going with you so that you now have that crazy deal locked in for 3-4 different dates that your travel party can choose from that works best.

This gives you more opportunities to make one of the dates work, and then cancel the ones you don't need within 24 hours for a full refund and if for some reason none of the dates work out you cancel all of them.

Law Of Attraction

Put are plan on paper, and make it happen. Below you can download a simple bucket list to fill out and print it our and place it on your fridge.