The Best Hiking Trails In Arkansas

Wanting to get outside and wondering what the best hiking trails in Arkansas are? We surveyed hikers to hear their opinion, so check out this guide to help plan the perfect hike in The Natural State.

The Best Hiking Trails In Arkansas
We recently embarked on a quest to uncover the best hiking trails in Arkansas, and the results are in! We asked our members who resided in The Natural State which trails were their favorite, and we have compiled a list below based on their answers and will cover each trail in more detail further into this article.

From the rugged beauty of the Buffalo River to the majestic heights of Mount Magazine, your top picks showcased the diverse landscapes and natural wonders that Arkansas has to offer. So, without further ado, let's delve into the thrilling trails that captured your hearts and imaginations:

  1. North Rim Trail, Mount Magazine State Park
  2. Yellow Rock Trail, Devil’s Den State Park
  3. Big Bluff/Goat Trail, Buffalo Wilderness Area
  4. Lost Valley Trail, Buffalo National River
  5. Indian Rock House Nature Trail, Buffalo National River
  6. Whitaker Point Trail, Upper Buffalo Wilderness
  7. Seven Hollows Trail, Petit Jean State Park

Each of these trails offers its own unique blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and natural wonders, making them must-visit destinations for hikers of all skill levels, but so you can better understand what each trail offers, we have the deets on each trail below.

“Only where you have walked on foot have you really been.”

Hiking North Rim Trail In Mount Magazine State Park

Experience breathtaking views along the North Rim Trail in Mount Magazine State Park. Starting from the park visitor center and stretching 2.2 miles westward along the mountain's north rim, this trail offers stunning bluff views of the Arkansas River Valley. Exercise caution as the trail edges high bluffs, and don't forget your camera to capture the beauty. For a longer adventure, continue onto Mossback Ridge Trail for a 4.4-mile round trip. Mount Magazine State Park provides various amenities including camping, cabins, dining, and more.

Hiking Yellow Rock Trail In Devil’s Den State Park

Embark on the Yellow Rock Trail at Devil’s Den State Park for a memorable autumn hike. Beginning at the camping area trailhead, this trail leads hikers past boulders and under bluffs until reaching the Yellow Rock Overlook, offering panoramic views of Lee Creek Valley and the Boston Mountains. After soaking in the scenery, explore the trail toward the oldest CCC structure, then loop back for a 5-6 mile adventure. Devil’s Den State Park also features camping, historic cabins, and additional trails suitable for families.

Yellow Rock Trail | Arkansas State Parks
On this National Recreation Trail, users will hike 300 feet in elevation to one of the best views in the park. Atop the Yellow Rock is an unobstructed view of the Lee Creek valley. Along the rest of the trail users enjoy cedar glades, interesting rock formations, and the first structure built in the park.

Hiking Big Bluff/Goat Trail In The Buffalo Wilderness Area

Explore the stunning vistas of the Buffalo River along the Big Bluff/Goat Trail in Buffalo Wilderness Area. Starting from Centerpoint Trailhead, the hike down is relatively easy, leading to awe-inspiring views of the river below. Exercise caution near the bluff edges, especially with children. Extend your hike to witness Hemmed-In-Hollow, the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachians, before tackling the uphill return journey. Remember, dogs are not permitted in this area.

Hike the Goat Trail to Big Bluff | Buffalo Outdoor Center
If you’re looking for a big view of the Buffalo River combined with a world-class geologic experience, then this trail is for you. Read more here!

Hiking Lost Valley Trail In Buffalo National River

Despite its closure due to erosion, Lost Valley Trail in Buffalo National River remains a favorite among hikers. Highlights include the 53-foot Eden Falls and Natural Bridge. While it’s temporarily unavailable, explore other trails within Buffalo National River’s extensive network.

Hiking Indian Rock House Nature Trail Buffalo National River

Immerse yourself in history along the Indian Rock House Nature Trail at Buffalo Point. This trail offers insights into prehistoric Native American life and early European settlers' endeavors, with landmarks like an old Zinc Mine and Rock Quarry. Explore the rich heritage of the area managed by the National Park Service.

Hiking Whitaker Point Trail In Upper Buffalo Wilderness

Discover the iconic beauty of Whitaker Point Trail leading to Hawksbill Crag in Upper Buffalo Wilderness. Enjoy a gentle downhill hike before reaching the captivating bluff line views. Exercise caution near the edges, and come prepared with essentials as there are no amenities in the area.

Hiking Seven Hollows Trail In Petit Jean State Park

Experience the rugged beauty of Seven Hollows Trail in Petit Jean State Park, a trail that played a role in the park system's creation. Explore natural wonders like the Natural Stone Arch and Turtle Rocks, along with picturesque rock formations and caves. Extend your adventure in Petit Jean State Park, offering lodging, dining, camping, and more amenities amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Seven Hollows Trail | Arkansas State Parks
This loop trail passes through a series of small canyons under the canopy of a dense hardwood forest. Unique features such as a natural stone arch, rock shelters, a box canyon and signs of prehistoric bluff-dwelling Native Americans add to the experience of this truly spectacular trail. (Light Blue Blazes)
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