Save On Flights By Following These 3 Steps

Save on Flights With Jetsetter Alerts By Following These 3 Steps When Getting Our Cheap Flight Alerts.

Save On Flights By Following These 3 Steps
We find the crazy cheap flight deals for you, but even after that there are some steps you can do to ensure you get the lowest price or potentially even lower than the price we alerted. That's what this simple guide is all about, and you should take 3 minutes to read it.

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Steps & Tools To Save The Most Money On Flights

Google Flights:

For nearly all alerts, we will provide a link to Google Flights to view the alerted flight deal.

This should always be your 1st step when finding the best dates & price for the alerted flight due to Google Flights Calendar view which literally allows you to see the price for every day of the year from a quick birds eye view. There is a link that says "View On Google Flights" for each departure airport included in your alerts.

google flights
See how it shows the price for each day? It's a Godsend!

Google flights is amazing because it allows you to quickly narrow down your date options possible based on the alerted price and not having to manually search dozens of websites or random dates seeking the alerted price. Manually having to search for the lowest prices is part of the internets prehistroic past.

Every alert as you know includes a date range! This means, that you can find the alerted price available on many dates within those date ranges.

So as you can see in the photo above, by clicking on Google Flights calendar, it will load the price for every single day of the year. So look within the date ranges provided to find the alerted price.

Google flights, as well as Skyscanner & WayAway (more on them below) don't actually sell airline tickets but rather pull the prices of flights and hotels from all the airlines and websites that do. Booking any flight on these websites will eventually redirect you to the actual website that you are booking with based on the displayed price as shown blow.

Here is a random search on Google Flights from New York To Paris.

google flights search screen shot

Google gives us the results, showing Iceland air as the cheapest option at $584. I will now select the depart and return flight with Iceland Air and upon doing so Google flights is going to check hundreds of other sites they pull prices from, and will show us the options.

The 1st result is the airline directly, it will always give you that option 1st, but look below.

There is a travel website beating the airlines own price. Instead of $584, it's only $527 round trip. So as you can see, after selecting the cheapest airline for those dates, Google Flights puled prices from all the large online travel sites and there was a total of 13 websites offering it cheaper as shown below. was the cheapest and now when we click "Continue" it will now take us there to book it on their website as seen below. However, we will pause for a moment and not book just yet,. google flights redirect

As stated, using these 3 flight search engines mentioned Google Flights, Skyscanner & WayAway, you will never waste days of your life again manually searching websites for a lower price that doesn't exist.

Final Steps For Booking Your Flights

So we now that we know the cheapest price Google Flights could find. That's always step 1.

The final 2 steps are to now take the destination and dates we plugged in on Google Flights, and run the same search through Skyscanner & WayAway.

We're not going to do it for the sake of shortening this tutorial, but Skyscanner & WayAway will search all the smaller companies that also sell these flights that Google flights doesn't pull pricing from.

Google Flights, again only searches the airlines directly and the large online travel agencies like Expedia, Priceline, GoToGate etc.

Skyscanner & WayAway will search the smaller travel companies who sell flights. Skyscanner and WayAway sometimes may not be any cheaper, but more times than not you will save an additional $15-$20 per passenger. We've seen savings in the hundreds of dollars on more than a few occasions.

It's always worth taking an extra 5 minutes and run your destination and dates through both Skyscanner and WayAway before finalizing your booking with Google Flights.

However, if they do no reveal any additional savings, you can now go finalize your reservation that Google Flights found for you.

We recommend you write down a few if the dates that work for you, and then plug that data into Skyscanner & WayAway to see if there is any additional savings before finalizing the booking.

Once Google flights, Skyscanner & WayAway have been searched, that means every airline and online travel agency has been searched. So don't waste another minute of your life searching, that's the sole reason we used the "flight search engines" to scan all the travel websites for us, instead of the thankfully outdated way where you use to spend days manually searching each website and millions of date combinations looking for better deals.

The exciting part is it took you longer to read this tutorial than it will take for you to secure the cheapest flights, guaranteed!

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