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You will do things in the following order.

Step 1- Tap verify account below & input the email address you signed up with and press continue.

Step 3- Click the menu item that says "Personalize Alerts”. You will now choose your departure areas.

You will receive alerts for all the airports located within your chosen departure areas.

The choices are all 50 US States, Washington DC & Puertp Rico. You can also choose as many departure areas as you like. Be sure to scroll to the buttom after your selection and click save.

That's it! You will be all set, and can sit back and wait for your first alerts to come to your inbox.

If you want to receive even more alerts, check out our membership option located in the menue after completing your departure area.

Departure Area Tips: Let's say we have a member we'll call "Dave". Dave lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of which Milwaukee is an International Airport that receives many alerts Jetsetter Alerts.

However, Dave knowing Chicago O'hare is a Large International Hub and it being 1.5hr from Daves home, he also has "Illinois" selected as a departure area in order to receive all the alerts that depart from Chicago's O'hare Airport.