Mistake Fare - Liberia Costa Rica - $290 Round Trip From Springfield Missouri

Cheap Flights To Liberia Costa Rica

Mistake Fare -  Liberia Costa Rica - $290  Round Trip From Springfield Missouri
Departure Cities Included
Springfield (SGF)

Flights to Costa Rica from a small airport like Springfield are normally crazy high on the price as will see American charging $3238 for all their other flights on the same date, but 1 lone flight on April 23rd return the 30th or depart the 30th of April and return the 7th of May.

Note: We feel this is a price glitch due to their other flights on this date are $3,238 which makes 0 sense being this far out. That being said, if you book this flight wait 48 hours before booking any non-refundable lodging.

They will always contact you within 48 hours if they were not going to honor the deal.

Departure Airport - Springfield (SGF)

  • Destination: Liberia (LIR)
  • Airline: American
  • Available Dates: Apr 2024
  • Price: $290
  • Savings: 80%
  • Book now or it will be gone
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