Los Angeles to Athens Greece $583 Round Trip + Greek Isles for +$100

Amazing fares to Athens Greece from Los Angeles (LAX)

Los Angeles to Athens Greece $583 Round Trip + Greek Isles for +$100

Want to explore ancient history with a slice of the beach? Now is your opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of Athens with an add on option to catch an island hopper to Santorini (Greek Isles)

Los Angeles to Athens: $583 Round Trip

Ready to explore Athens and all that Greece has to offer? Now is the time!

Alert Type: Flash Sale

Destination: Athens, Greece

When: OCT - NOV 2023

Departure Airports: LAX Los Angeles

Airlines: Air Canada

Price: $583 Round Trip

Savings: 60%

Booking Window: Should last 2-3 days

This alert also has the option of Lufthansa Airlines but we like the Air Canada flight better because it's a little cheaper, but most importantly it has a 3 1/2 hour layover compared to only 50 mins on Lufthansa.

It breaks the flight up to stretch your legs and also ensures if there is any delay you won't miss your connection. Having only 50 mins is not ideal with Lufthansa.

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LAX to Athens $583 Round Trip

These fares can be found throughout Oct & Nov 2023 and if you would like to see the Greek Isles, RyanAir.com offers really cheap flights all over Europe.

Once you are in Europe you can fly virtually anywhere for $30-$50 1 way on RyanAir. Just be mindful of their luggage fees.

A little travel hack that I do if I want to explore a near by area for a few days and I am going to catch a budget flight somewhere but then return to where I was, is that I will actually rent a cheap room to leave all my luggage and only take what I need for the few days in Santorini.

This makes a lot of sense if you have 3 or 4 travelers. Just take a carryon with a few changes of clothes and avoid the luggage fee trap that comes with budget airlines like RyanAir.

RyanAir is the largest carrier in all of Europe, and I've flown them many times.

Although this alert is for the Fall, it has average temps of 71 degrees in Santorini in October, so plenty warm if you are feeling beach bumish or want to have some cocktails watching the sunset at one of their world famous lookouts.

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