Iceland & Denmark 2 for 1 - IcelandAir Stop Over Option

Cheap Flights To Denmark and Iceland With Iceland Air's Stopover Program.

Iceland & Denmark 2 for 1 - IcelandAir Stop Over Option

IcelandAir's Stop-Over Program Option

IcelandAir's flights into Europe, all have a connection in Iceland. This allows one to take advantage of their "Iceland Stopover Option".  

This amazing benefit of flying with them allows you to explore Iceland on your way to your destination, on the return from your destination, or both.

You can do between 1 to 7 nights each way for up to 14 nights. You can of course do neither, and connect directly to your destination without any delays same day as any other normal flight that has a connection.

NOTE: To take advantage of this option when flying with IcelandAir, you must book directly with them and not use any 3rd party websites.

Departure Airport - Denver (DEN)

  • Destination: Copenhagen (CPH)
  • Airline: IcelandAir
  • Available Dates: OCT - DEC 2023
  • Price: $484
  • Savings: 47% Cheaper than normal
  • Booking Window: Should last 1-2 days
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