How To Get The Cheapest Airline Tickets!

Tired of pulling your hair out every year searching websites trying to figure out how to get the cheapest airline tickets? If so, this article is for you.

How To Get The Cheapest Airline Tickets!

Let's talk about how you currently plan your trips when it comes to trying to get the cheapest airline tickets and what you need to do if you are having issues on how to find the cheapest airline tickets for destinations every time you go

It's how you plan your vacations that is causing this, and this is what you must change in order for you to get much cheaper flight prices. This will allow you to travel and go to the places you want to go instead of the places you are forced to settle for.

Stop Doing This When Booking Airline Tickets

Stop planning when and where you're going to go for no other reason than "We had to plan some dates and those are just the ones we chose".

You will still plan when you are going to go on vacation and when you are going to go on vacation, but you must make the where and when based on when flights are cheap to go to destination A or destination B that's been on your bucket list!

Confused? Let us explain!

You must change you go about planning, instead of planning for the sake of planning. In other words.....

Get Drastically Cheaper Flights Is Key, But How?

  • Step 1: Create a list of your bucket list! All the places you want to go to the most! WRITE THEM DOWN! (Top 10 Places You Want To Explore Most)

    Step 1: Continued: Add additional places that interest you, but not enough that you're willing to pay the normal full price to travel there. However, if you could get flights 40-70% cheaper than they normally cost you would definitely like to explore that destination.
  • Step 2: Sign up for cheap flight alerts with Jetsetter Alerts (That's us) so that you are instantly notified when an airline runs a flash sale that only last 1-3 days, or when we find mistake fares aka error fares which are prices published by accident in favor of the traveler, which is you.

    Now you're choosing when you go to a particular place, soley based on the cost of the airfare to get there being half price or more than it normally cost. Because let's admit the reason we call places dream trips is simply due to the cost of airfare to get there. If Hawaii or Paris was as cheap to get to as a destination a few hours from your home, you would not call them dream trips but rather just vacation.

We call things dreams that we can't afford. Dream house, dream car, dream vacation etc. Well, we can't help you with the house or the car but we can guarantee you flights for a fraction of the cost. But how?


It has nothing to do with season, and only to do with there being a tiny window of time where the flights were greatly reduced and you were able to book during that window of time.

We DO NOT sell airfare or book airfare in anyway! We are merely going to alert you of when these airlines or travel website in question is showing an insanely cheap price compared to the normal cost of that flight and that brings us to the final and one of the most important steps to make this possible.

  • Step 3: You have 24 hours to cancel any flight booking for a full refund, no questions asked as long as that flight is departing from or going to the United States and it does not matter if it is a US based carrier as congress passed a law that for any carrier that wants to be able to sell airline tickets to US based passengers, they must give you a full refund within 24 hours or less from the time you booked so long as the travel date is 7 days out or further.

Most people are unaware of this law and using this is key to the process we are going to explain below. But see some of the prices of these alerts and the kinds of savings you can get by being alerted when prices are cheap.

So again, sign up for airfare alerts

Wait for a place that is on your list to be alerted and when it is, you book it immediately and now you have 24 hours to see if the dates work for you and your travel partners, and if it does not you cancel for a full refund. You must get use to doing this, and be fine with canceling when it doesn't work out. If you wait to see if the dates work prior to booking, the price will be gone and you will miss out on all the deals.

Rinse & Repeat this booking process and you will check off your bucket list, travel to the places you have always wanted to travel to and stop settling or worse off, not going at all that year. Life is too short, live the adventure you were born to live.

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