Here's How Much Money Is Needed To Budget For Vacation In Brussels, Belgium

In this guide, we’ll break down the costs associated with lodging, food, transportation, and attractions to help you plan your perfect trip to Brussels. Let's take a look at how much money is needed to budget for vacation in Brussels, Belgium.

Here's How Much Money Is Needed To Budget For Vacation In Brussels, Belgium
Exploring the charm of Brussels is an adventure that appeals to every traveler, regardless of their budget. This captivating city, renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, offers a amazing museums, food and art.

Let's dive into the different daily budgets needed to ensure you have an amazing experience exploring the city of Brussels.

Lodging Cost in Brussels By Season

Season Luxury (avg nightly rate) Mid-Range (avg nightly rate) Budget (avg nightly rate)
Spring $275 $165 $88
Summer $330 $198 $99
Autumn $264 $154 $77
Winter $242 $143 $66

Daily Budget Needed for Food in Brussels

Meal Luxury (avg cost per meal) Mid-Range (avg cost per meal) Budget (avg cost per meal)
Breakfast $33 $17 $8
Lunch $55 $28 $13
Dinner $77 $38 $17

Cost of Transportation in Brussels

Transportation Type Cost
Metro/Tram/Bus $2.30 per ride
Day Pass $8.20
Taxi $3.80 starting fare + $1.97 per mile
Bicycle Rental $4.40 per hour

Cost of Attractions in Brussels

Attraction Cost
Atomium $16
Royal Palace Free
Magritte Museum $11
Brussels Park Free
Mini-Europe $19
Grand Place Free
Manneken Pis Free
Comic Strip Museum $11
Guided Walking Tour $20

Things to Do for Free in Brussels

Activity Cost
Explore the Grand Place Free
Visit Manneken Pis Free
Stroll through Brussels Park Free
Admire the Royal Palace Free
Discover the Sablon Neighborhood Free

To make things easier to summarize, if you are a Luxury or Budget traveler - you should have at least the amounts below. You can certainly do it for less by staying at a hostel and do more free activities and do more walking and exploring the city by foot, which still certainly makes for an amazing vacation, but otherwise you will want to be sure you can set aside the following....

  • Luxury Traveler: Approximately $450 per day
  • Budget Traveler: Approximately $130 per day

Regardless of your budget, it's the adventure and exploration of new places that matter most. When our time comes to an end, it won't be the fancy things that we remember; it will be the activities we shared with those we love. So, no matter what your budget for Brussels, have an amazing adventure exploring the city.


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