Cheap Flights to Manila Philippines - 45% OFF

Cheap Flights to Manila Philippines

Cheap Flights to Manila Philippines - 45% OFF
These non-stop cheap flights to Manila on Philippine Airlines is the cheapest these fares have been this year at anytime by far.
Cheap Flights to South East Asia have still not recovered from pre pandemic levels as far as the low prices go, and have been ranging from $1200-$2500 since then unfortunately. If you have been a member for years, we too miss the insane deals of $350-$450 round trip and as soon as they return we will be on it and let you know.

Depart: Seattle (SEA)

  • Destination:Manilia (MNL)
  • Airline: Philippine
  • Available Dates: OCT - NOV 2024, FEB - MAR 2025
  • Price: $735
  • Savings: 45% Cheaper Than Normal
  • Price may last 2-3 days
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Manila Travel Guide - Forbes Travel Guide
By the time World War II ended in 1945, the Philippines’ once-flourishing capital city of Manila had suffered some of the war’s most devastating destruction. It’s taken many decades to recover, but the city once called the “Pearl of the Orient” has finally begun to regain much of its pre-war steam.

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