Cheap Flights To Iceland & Rome - $393 - 2 For 1 😳

Cheap Flights To Rome With Option To See Iceland For Free.

Cheap Flights To Iceland & Rome - $393 - 2 For 1 😳
Departure Cities Included
Newark (EWR)

Ready for a dream trip to Iceland and Italy for less than $400 for all your flights? Well here you go!

These flights are to Rome, but because the airline is Iceland-air, you are allowed to add a free stop over for up to a week in Iceland (where all their flights into Europe connect).

This is optional and you can of course continuing on to your final destination with out adding Iceland, but why not, it's free?. It's also available during northern lights season, where the sky looks like a sci-fi movie. Learn more about stop over program. *Must book direct with Iceland Air

Even forgoing Iceland, $393 round trip to Rome is amazing and this deal will disappear quickly!

Departure Airport - Newark (EWR)

  • Destination: ROME (FCO)
  • Airline: Iceland Air
  • Available Dates: NOV-DEC 2023; JAN-FEB 2024
  • Price: $393
  • Price may last 1-2 days
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Cheap Flights To Iceland & Rome
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