Cheap Flights To Czech Republic - $500's

Cheap Flights To Czech Republic

Cheap Flights To Czech Republic - $500's
Departure Airport
Chicago (ORD)

Cheap flights to Czech Republic have been rare post Covid. If you have been wanting to go to explore Prague but not in the mood to spend $1000, now is your chance.

St. Charles Bridge Wiki
If you have never been to Prague you are in for a treat! It's my favorite city in Europe and if you love history it doesn't get any better. Thankfully this gem survived both world wars without being destroyed and you can experience it just as it was hundreds of years ago, with 400 year old cobble stone streets and the cities main attraction St. Charles Bridge. When walking across the bridge you are going to feel like you are in medieval Europe, because you are. But most people don't think of Czech Republic when they think of Medieval Europe, however you would be hard pressed to find a city that has made sure to preserve it's architecture from that time period, making it an experience it's hard to find anywhere else.

Depart: Chicago (ORD)

  • Destination: Prague (PRG)
  • Airline: Delta
  • Available Dates: OCT - DEC 2023, APR 2024
  • Price: $574
  • Price should last 2-3 days
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