Cheap 1st Class To Kauai Hawaii - Mistake?

Cheap 1st Class To Kauai Hawaii - Mistake?
Departure Airports
Seattle (SEA)

Ok, so we got something really weird here for you! Even we are confused, because we've never seen happen what we are seeing here.

These fares normally cost $1800-$2300 and you can get them now for $965-$1100 regardless of the month, but that's not what's very strange!

What's crazy is Delta Comfort is almost the same price as these 1st class fares which we have never seen happen (EVER), so we believe this is a mistake....

1st class comes with 2 free checked backs vs Delta Comfort is $60 for even 1 bag (Each Way), so 2 bag each way would be $240, officially making Delta comfort way more expensive than 1st class?

So? It doesn't add up, and if this isn't a mistake we imagine someone is going to be getting a stern talking to tomorrow after this alert goes out and many of you go on a booking frenzy :)

It's very strange, so if it was me? I'm booking for the whole family right now and then using my 24 hour cancel window if I need to make changes.

In what world is Delta so nice, they put Delta Comfort for the same price as 1st class 😂? Doesn't happen!

View this flight by tapping "View On Google Flights and you will see what we mean. Then to change the dates and not erase all of our filters that located all these flights for you, just tap the 2nd link we created below and you will be able to them easily change the dates.

Depart: Seattle (SEA)

  • Destination: Kauai (LIH)
  • Airline: Delta
  • Available Dates: JAN-DEC 2024
  • Price: $965-$1150
  • Savings: 45-55% Cheaper than normal
  • Price may change anytime if mistake
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Want to change the dates? Use this link here.

Tip: Most are unaware that you can cancel any flight within 24 hours of booking it for a full refund no questions asked. This allows you to lock in a deal and then have 24 hours to get all your ducks in a row, and if you aren't able to make it work, simply cancel for a full refund. Learn more