British Airways New Club Suites To Kenya - Crazy Deal 🔥

British Airways New Club Suites To Kenya - Crazy Deal 🔥
Departure Airport
New York (JFK)
Experience British Airways' new Business Club Suites to Africa.
Since the introduction of this new business class product, fares to Africa have ranged between $7000 to $14,000 for a round trip as you will see when searching for dates on Google Flights. We were shocked to see these fares for certain dates listed for $4800 and then....upon selecting the flights we were shocked to see the price drop an additional $1100+ for a total of $3669 by booking with 3rd party online travel agency Globehunters that you will see as an option.
When choosing your dates, select any price that is $4800-$4900 and after choosing your dates and select your flights you will then see it drop as you see in the screen shots below and that you see when clicking "View On Google Flights" button below.
Members who are use to flying in Business and 1st Class know what a crazy deal this is, so do not wait or it will be gone. We will say it may last 2-3 days max before the prices sky rocket to the $7-$14k you see for all the other dates not included in this alert.

There are animals on safari no matter when you go, but out of the dates available in this alert; October or November so you can witness the great migration and animals play African Roulette with the crocodiles during their river crossing they have to make in order to survive each year.

Depart: New York (JFK)

  • Destination: Nairobi
  • Airline: British Airways
  • Available Dates: APR - MAY 2024, OCT-DEC 2024, JAN - FEB 2025
  • Price: $3669
  • Savings: 50%+ Cheaper than normal
  • Price may last 2-3 days
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I flew on British Airways’ Club Suite from New York to London. It’s a huge improvement from the carrier’s old and cramped business class seat.
British Airways has retrofitted most of its Boeing 777 aircraft with its new Club Suite business class, and I think it’s a much-needed cabin upgrade.
Note: The 1st leg of the trip is British Airways flight operated by their partner airline Iberia. It is a business class lay flat seat as well, but it's once you get to Heathrow where you will get to experience their new business class suite product from London to Kenya.

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