Best Place To Stay In Koh Samui If You Want To Party

Headed to Koh Samui and looking to enjoy it's infamous party scene? In this short guide we will get strait to the point on the best place to stay in Koh Samui If You Want To Party.

Best Place To Stay In Koh Samui If You Want To Party

Thailand is very famous for it's party scene and with numerous locations to choose from, one of those places is the popular island of Koh Samui. The largest out of the the 3 popular islands backpacker love, the other two being Koh Tao and Ko Pha-ngan.

Due to Koh Samui being a fairly large island it's very important to stay in the right location if you are looking for the party scene so you can come and go from the party to the comfort of your room.

We are highly against partying and getting on your rented motor bike as it's a death wish or you are going to harm someone else, so if you are going to Koh Samui it party, it's very important to be in the middle of the party scene. Don't be that tourist we commonly read about getting drunk and wrecking a motor bike!

Chaweng Beach Is Party Central In Koh Samui

Chaweng Beach is the island's most popular and vibrant area, known for its lively nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and beachfront parties.

You'll find a wide range of accommodations in Chaweng, from budget hostels to luxury resorts, all within walking distance of the bustling nightlife and beach club pool parties in the day time.

Staying in the Chaweng Beach area will ensure you're close to the action and can easily access the best parties and entertainment Koh Samui has to offer and not be farm from your bed if you need a break or need a day of recovery while your friends continue in the debauchery.

Where To Party In Chaweng Beach Koh Samui?

Ark Bar and The Green Mango is the party! PERIOD!
Ark Bar Beach Club Is Best Place To Stay To Party In Koh Samui
Ark Bar DJ Booth View From The Beach
The Green Mango Club - Where To Party In Koh Samui
The Green Mango Club

Ark Bar has parties day and night along with a DJ mixing the current trends! Choose your party vibe whether it's on the beach or poolside and still be right in front of the DJ booth as it's located directly between the swimming pool and the beach so no matter which side you are on, you're still right in front of the DJ! It's as if Ark Bar was designed for people to party! Wait, that's exactly what they did and it's in my opinion one of the best beach clubs in all of South East Asia as far as a pure party scene that is extremely laxed on "RULES".

Where To Stay If I Want To Party At Ark Bar & Green Mango?

Ark Bar Beach Resort

We've been holding out on you! Ark Bar is not just a pool and beach party by day and night club by night, but it's also a resort. Yup! The Thai's are very considerate and made it to where you can stagger 50 feet to your room to go crash out after you danced the night away, just slip off your sanding shoes before entering as to be considerate to their house keepers and their cultural traditions, plus you don't want the sand everywhere.

★★★ Arkbar Beach Club, Chaweng, Thailand
A beachfront resort in the center of Chaweng, Arkbar Beach Club is only 164 feet from the main shopping and nightlife areas.

See the cost to stay at Arkbar for your trip

You enter all the rooms from the exterior motel style which I love as many people decide to turn their rooms into open door after parties for those who just aren't ready for the night to end. That being said, if you don't like noise after 9pm, this is not the place for you! Sleeping isn't allowed here until early morning due to the noise of 100 mini after bars parties for the warriors who just were not ready for the night to end, and then.....

Ark Bar Beach Resort Guest Rooms
Guest Room At Ark Bar Beach Resort
At 1pm, wake up and stagger to the pool for a dip and a short doggy paddling to the swim up bar so you can have the bartender help you cure your hangover...Welcome To Ark Bar

The Green Mango Club is rock throwing distance on the opposite side of the street from Ark Bar. What's cool about that is you can literally leave one party and be at the other party in 2 minutes time if you want to switch the vibe or if it starts to rain, you are going to want to head to the Green Mango Club as it's covered and you aren't going to get rained on.

The Green Mango Club Samui

Come to think of it one of my experiences at Ark Bar it did start raining and it only made the party crazier because the DJ just kept everyone in a crazy party trance. You know the vibe I mean? We couldn't leave even if we wanted to as it was just one of those experiences.

Ark Bar Beach Resort Cost

Staying at Ark Bar Beach Resort will cost you $100-$150 on major online travel agencies like Expedia or Priceline, but you can book direct for $3200 baht per night which is around $80. I know $80 is a lot more than most backpackers spend on their lodging, but if you can swing it since you will only be there for 2-3 nights, do it because it's not a vibe but it's THE VIBE.

However, if that isn't something you can swing or don't want to pay that, now that you know where the party is; just search for places as close to Ark Bar & The Green Mango Club as you can and you will be all set for an epic few days of partying on one of Thailand's best destinations!

★★★ Arkbar Beach Club, Chaweng, Thailand
A beachfront resort in the center of Chaweng, Arkbar Beach Club is only 164 feet from the main shopping and nightlife areas.
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