Tokyo 500's Round Trip + Business Class For $1700

Cheap Flights To Toyko

Tokyo 500's Round Trip + Business Class For $1700
Departure Cities Included
Los Angeles (LAX)
San Francisco (SFO)
San Jose (SJC)

We didn't provide alert cards for this alert because this website these flights are on doesn't have the functionality for us to provide links.

ZipAir Tokyo has flights available in regular economy for the month of August 2023 for $550-$600 round trip for all 3 departures mentioned above, and  are business class lay flat bed fares available in JAN-FEB 2024 for $1750.

Every other airline has their business class fares for $4200-$6000+ on during the same dates.

Visit Their Website & Get Booked, these will not last 24hrs


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